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Selling Art for a Gothic Conference!

Hello, everyone!

I'm planning on attending an academic conference: IGA 2019 at Lewis University in Chicago; to do so, I need to raise the funds before June 1st (which, incidentally, happens to be my birthday).

My abstract has been submitted and I'm on the presenter roster. However, the cost for registering (and accommodation for the entire week, plus transportation) still needs to be paid. It totals at approximately $400 (there is a bursary opportunity, but it is decided on after registration ends). Seeing as I cannot presently afford the registration costs, I would like to try and raise the necessary funds by selling personalized artwork.

My blog largely pertains to Gothic horror in cinema, literature and videogames; I'm also an erotic artist. I primarily draw women from fantasy, horror, and science fiction (or sometimes muscle-bound men like Conan the Barbarian—think Luis Royo or Frank Frazetta). My subjects needn't be overtly sexual, but I do specialize in that particular approach. I like to draw stronger women, with a fair amount of muscle mass. However, I can do different body types—whatever the customer wants!

My goal is to sell $400 worth of commissions by the end of May. If I'm able to meet my $400 goal in time, I'll throw in something extra, free of charge: a personalized "Gothic" drawing dedicated to and thanking everyone involved for helping me make it to Chicago! It will contain an imperiled heroine in a Gothic situation (so, tenebrous, hulking villains and dark, spooky castles, most like). Should be fun!


About me: My name is Nick van der Waard and I'm a Gothic ludologist. I primarily write reviews, Gothic analyses, and interviews. Because my main body of work is relatively vast, I've compiled it into a single compendium where I not only list my favorite works, I also summarize them. Check it out, here!

I'm an artist and a writer. If you're interested my work and are curious about illustrated or written commissions, please refer to my website for more information. If you want to contact me about a guest article, please use this contact form or reach out to me on Discord (vanderWaardart#5394)!

If you want to make donations, you can directly support my artwork on Patreon and my writing on Ko-Fi!