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Podcast: Dreadful Discourse

Update, 1/11/2021: The podcast has been on hiatus for four months, but my partner Lindsay and I are making content again. However, the podcast has a new name, Dreadful Discourse , and will have better production values: a new credits intro, custom background art drawn by me, music, and better-sounding audio. Also, more Lindsay and less me flapping my goddamn gums. Yay!  The whole YouTube playlist is available, here . We also have a new Patreon for the podcast, which you can find, here . Dreadful Discourse  is a podcast-style YouTube series hosted by myself and my partner, Lindsay Wheeler. In it, we discuss the Gothic—what it is, and its individual components in a great detail. Note: This section will be updated as future videos in the series go live. Episode 1, the Pilot This episode   discusses the Gothic more generally by outlining its core components: the uncanny, the abject, hauntology, atmosphere, presentation (i.e., horror and terror), oscillation; and various tropes, including t