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Podcast: Goth Nick & Goth Chick

I've been busy working on a new series, so I haven't had as much time to write blog posts—at least for now. "Goth Nick & Goth Chick" is a podcast-style YouTube series hosted by myself and my partner, Lindsay Wheeler. In it, we discuss the Gothic—what it is, and its individual components in a great detail.

Note: This section will be updated as future videos in the series go live.

Episode 1, the Pilot
This episode discusses the Gothic more generally by outlining its core components: the uncanny, the abject, hauntology, atmosphere, presentation (i.e., horror and terror), oscillation; and various tropes, including the Faustian Bargain and the Promethean Quest.

Episode 2, the Uncanny

This episode covers the uncanny within the Gothic mode: from masks, slashers, aliens, robots, ghosts, and more!

Episode 3, the Hauntology

This episode covers Derrida's Hauntology within the Gothic mode, as well as the differences between it and pastiche!

Episode 4, the Abject
This episode cove…