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Hell-blazers: Update 2, "The Speedrun Killer" — FrostyXen

I'm Nicholas van der Waard, host of "Hell-blazers: Speedrunning Doom Eternal ."  My blog is about horror, but also sex, metal and videogames ; this article explores some of those idea in  Doom Eternal .   What follows is a second interview with FrostyXen , a past WR-holder for the game on ( click here for his latest run , which has since been beaten by speedrunner Xiae's own run ). This interview covers the game’s patches, their effect on its ability to be speedrun, and the game's professional scene. "Hell-blazers" interviews Twitch streamers, speedrunners and Doom fans about Doom Eternal (2020); it asks them, based on their own experiences, to compare the game to the rest of the franchise, and what effect it will have on speedrunning and gaming at large. General information about "Hell-blazers" can be found, here ; a compendium of the interviews as they are published can be found here (which also includes interesting videos, brea