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My Logo for Gothic (gay-anarcho) Communism!

With the release date to my upcoming book,  Sex Positivity vs Sex Coercion, or Gothic Communism , drawing near (on Halloween!), I decided that I should finally design my own logo for Gothic (gay-Anarcho) Communism. Included in this post is the logo itself (and the always-awesome Blxxd Bunny ), as well as a brief history of its recent inception and cannibalized source materials: (model and artist: Blxxd Bunny and Persephone van der Waard ) For much of this book's construction, I was using the Laborwave hammer and sickle insignia over a red-and-yellow cover to represent the book's concept of Gothic (gay-anarcho) Communism. However, I decided on 8/26/2023 to design, thus give, the ideology its o wn symbol (the full PNGs for the Gothic [gay-anarcho] Communism logo by itself—with three different versions [full version w/flame and w/o flame, and the "skeleton key" simplified version] are available on my DA Stash ). (artist, left: Leonardo Galletti ; top-right: Eyeliner ; bo