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Why I Submit: A Subby Gothicist's Attitudes on Metroidvania, Mommy Doms, and Sexual Persecution

I am a Gothic ludologist (a fancy way of saying I study horror videogames). This longread is an extension of my independent research, and examines my connection with the subject matter.  It explains why mutual consent, power exchange and gender equality are paramount, but how this attitude is societally on the backfoot. Atypical stances on power, from mommy doms to cat boys, are ostracized by the "silent majority" (re: cis white heterosexual men) as castrating and alien. I shall explore this persecution phenomena as well.  This post is divided into the following sections: Me, Pansexual:  This section covers my pansexuality. This includes the people I'm attracted to—who they are, why they matter, and what struggles they face.  Mommy Doms and Metroidvania: I submit to female forms of power—mommy doms and Metroidvania—within boundaries of mutual consent. I explain what these things are, why I study them, and what the appeal in our arrangement is; I also explore how various

Maculate Conception: The making of my Prometheus fan edit

This piece chronicles Maculate Conception , my 2013 fan edit for Prometheus . This includes how the fan edit came about, its production process, and what's happened since it was made. This fan edit was largely focused on audio changes and editing changes, which are basically impossible to show in screencaps. Still, I do my best.  Clips of the edit, and links to the full version, are available on my website. Disclaimer:  My work on this project is non-profit and falls under Fair Use; it's transformative, educational and a critique of the original source material. Even so, please support the original artists; don't download my fan edit unless you own the original theatrical version. Fan-edits are a lot of work. I did my first (and only) fan-edit in 2013 when I decided to tackle Prometheus . I had zero editing experience, and only had Audacity and MAGIX (a buggy 3rd party software) to work with. Most fan edits want to add a scene, maybe clean up the overall image quality. I wa