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Raising Funds for My Partner's Healthcare!

Raising funds for my partner's healthcare! Bay Ryan has a degenerative disease of their teeth, and will need to pay for extractions out-of-pocket (not covered by their insurance), but also aftercare expenses. We're trying to raise $500-$1000 NZD (~$310-620USD)! The original Twitter post: Bay is disabled and gets partial aid through the state; they do sex work, but rely on donations to get by. You can support Bay on OnlyFans, but also through their Ko-Fi! His portfolio: OnlyFans: Ko-Fi: I realize that not everyone can donate and I wouldn't expect that. However, if anyone can share the above links to help get Bay the care they need, it would mean the world! *** Persephone van der Waard is the author of Sex Positivity —its art director, sole invigilator, and primary editor (the other co-writer/co-editor being Ba
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Reaction and Breakdown: Alien Romulus (2024) Trailer!

Decided to do an Alien  Romulus reaction/breakdown; i.e., super  low-effort material I can put quickly on my old blog in the spirit of looking at Alien -rated content!  Here's the link to my video response  (excuse the uneven audio on my end; recording goof and I'm too lazy to rerecord, haha). Note: Normally I would do an extended respond with an image breakdown, but I'm currently in the middle of proofreading and releasing book samples during Pride month; i.e.,  for Volume Two, part two of my  Sex Positivity ( 2023) book project, featured in my second, very NSFW book sample series, " Searching for Secrets " (2024) . So this half-assed approach is all you're getting! Gorgeous-looking film! Not sure how much plot it will have apart from the usual Gothic thrills (the black genderqueer monster chasing the straight white lady around the Gothic-castle-style spaceship), but at least it's well put together!  Happy Pride, bitches! *** Persephone van der Waard is

Starting a Second Promo Series: "Searching for Secrets" for Volume Two, part two

Starting a second sample series for Volume Two, part two, "Searching for Secrets"! Part one's sample series, "Brace for Impact," explored the usage of Gothic poetics (monsters, magic and myth) when making new proletarian histories; part two reverses the arrangement, examining the history of monstrous poetics in two basic modules that future workers can learn from. Volume Two, part one (the Poetry Module) is out now (5/1/2024)!  I wrote a preface for the module along with its debut announcement.  Give that a look; then,  go to my book's 1-page promo to download the latest version of the full module (which will contain additions/corrections the original blog posts will not have)! Click here to see "Searching for Secrets'" Table of Contents and Full Disclaimer. (model and artist: Harmony Corrupted and Persephone van der Waard ) From the original 5/4/2024 post: "Searching for Secrets*" is a second book sample series, originally inspired

Volume Two, part one (the Poetry Module) Is Out (feat. Harmony Corrupted)!

First and foremost, the Poetry Module is out, babes! It is part one of Volume Two (with part two being the Monster Modules) for my Sex Positivity (2023) book project, and extensively features my muse and friend, Harmony Corrupted (featured on its covers, below). The full announcement is up on my website , but I wanted to have a little post here, too, to celebrate and mark the occasion. (model and artist: Harmony Corrupted and Persephone van der Waard ) About my book: Made in collaboration with other sex workers, Sex Positivity is a four-volume book being released one volume at a time. From newest to oldest, as of 5/1/2024, my Poetry Module is live ; as of 2/14/2024, the manifesto/instruction volume is live; as of 10/8/2023, the thesis volume is live. Simply go to my website's 1-page promo and pick up a copy of each for free! While you're there, you can also learn about the other yet-to-release volumes/modules, project history and logo design. Note: Volume Two, part one is