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Coming Out as Trans

I've decided as of yesterday to finally come out as trans. As such, my new name is Persephone and my chosen pronouns are they/them or she/her.  You may have noticed the domain doesn't reflect my transition and that my dead name is plastered all over the place (a consequence of me not really thinking this through). I will aim to rectify this over time. In the interim, I would ask you to please not to deadname or misgender me. Thank you! As for why I did it, let's just say the reasons are complicated. It's certainly not something I chose lightly. Rather, I'd been considering it for several years and probably would have come out in 2020 had my ex at the time been more supportive.  In spite of their abuse, I was also hesitant to come out for fear of reprisals from online hate groups. But then it occurred to me: I'm already writing a book about TERFs and fascists; I may as well face them as I actually am than try and pass for something I'm not. *** About me: My n
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Sex-Positivity versus Sex-Coercion: Selling Sex, Iconoclasm, and TERFs

This Marxist-feminist book chapter* (which I am editing on a daily basis) examines differences between sex-positivity and sex-compulsion in sexualized media. Specifically, it examines how corporations and TERFs use canonical imagery to create sexist arguments, while simultaneously condemning sex-positive artists and their own iconoclastic output. The point of my doing so is largely personal—for me, as a Marxist trans woman and Gothicist, to think about these social-sexual themes relative to my own sex-positive artwork and other creative/academic output: my  pin-up art and erotic life drawings (+18) that humanize sex workers , but also gothic podcast, master's thesis, and fan edit for Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012). *Currently intended as a chapter within my upcoming book,  Neoliberalism in Yesterday’s Heroes , which  touches on notions of body representation in popular American media.   If you're curious, the first chapter can be viewed, here . Trigger Warning: This chap