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My Logo for Gothic (gay-anarcho) Communism!

With the release date to my upcoming book,  Sex Positivity vs Sex Coercion, or Gothic Communism , drawing near (on Halloween!), I decided that I should finally design my own logo for Gothic (gay-Anarcho) Communism. Included in this post is the logo itself (and the always-awesome Blxxd Bunny ), as well as a brief history of its recent inception and cannibalized source materials: (model and artist: Blxxd Bunny and Persephone van der Waard ) For much of this book's construction, I was using the Laborwave hammer and sickle insignia over a red-and-yellow cover to represent the book's concept of Gothic (gay-anarcho) Communism. However, I decided on 8/26/2023 to design, thus give, the ideology its o wn symbol (the full PNGs for the Gothic [gay-anarcho] Communism logo by itself—with three different versions [full version w/flame and w/o flame, and the "skeleton key" simplified version] are available on my DA Stash ). (artist, left: Leonardo Galletti ; top-right: Eyeliner ; bo
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Big Book Update: Writing is Mostly Finished; Focusing on Illustrations! Changelog History

Hi, everyone! I wanted to give an update about the book, as it's been awhile since I've posted on here and a lot has happened since my last blogpost. This post contains my ongoing changelog for the project, which I have been updating from time to time as completion nears.  The entire changelog is include at the bottom of the post; every time I update the changelog, the update in italics (below) will be replaced and the old update will be moved to the top of the changelog. Update, 9/20/2023:  I also updated my website  to include a one-page promo for the book , and it contains all relevant information/download links: the companion glossary and full table of contents, but also my thesis volume when it releases on the 25th. That's correct; t he thesis statement has become its own thesis volume, which debuts on my website (through the hyperlink above), September 25th. It will contain my expanded author's foreword, and provide my book's thesis statement on Gothic (gay-an

Coming Out as Trans

I've decided as of yesterday to finally come out as trans. As such, my new name is Persephone and my chosen pronouns are they/them or she/her.  You may have noticed the domain doesn't reflect my transition and that my dead name is plastered all over the place (a consequence of me not really thinking this through). I will aim to rectify this over time. In the interim, I would ask you to please not to deadname or misgender me. Thank you! As for why I did it, let's just say the reasons are complicated. It's certainly not something I chose lightly. Rather, I'd been considering it for several years and probably would have come out in 2020 had my ex at the time been more supportive.  In spite of their abuse, I was also hesitant to come out for fear of reprisals from online hate groups. But then it occurred to me: I'm already writing a book about TERFs and fascists; I may as well face them as I actually am than try and pass for something I'm not. *** About me: My n

Sex Positivity versus Sex Coercion, or Gothic Communism: Manifesto

This book sample contains the manifesto for my upcoming book, Sex Positivity versus Sex Coercion, or Gothic Communism: Liberating Sex Work under Capitalism through Iconoclastic Art . It also includes the section, "Defining Sexualized Media/Sex Work, and Regarding Hard Kinks: What I Will and Won't Exhibit," as well the abstract, disclaimer, [abridged] table of contents, and acknowledgments section.  For details about the logo I recently designed for the book, refer to this blogpost  (the full PNGs for the Gothic [gay-anarcho] Communism logo by itself—with three different versions [full version w/flame and w/o flame, and the "skeleton key" simplified version]— are available on my website . Regarding the book's release date: Sex Positivity's thesis volume goes live on September 25th [update, 9/25/2023: I decided to extend the deadline for my thesis volume to the end of the month; 220 pages in for my final proof (which has been heavy top-heavy). 282 pages to