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I, Satanist; Atheist: A Gothicist's Thoughts on Atheism, Religion, and Sex

I frequently write about Gothic horror on this blog, as well as metal, videogames and sex. In relation to those topics, I've never written about my religious views. I wanted to do that, here. Before I do, a shoutout to the YouTuber TheraminTrees, whose videos on atheism are an effective and stylish introduction to the topic. I'm not religious at all; I am atheist, specifically a Satanist. I have been since was I small. I'm not naïve enough to think that fake gods aren't dangerous. The world is littered with graveyards filled by phony crusades. Sadly the living are tyrannized not by gods, but the people who worship them. There's so many things worse than dying, testified by the presence of the religiously indoctrinated and abused. I have no faith in the devil as "real," either. This being said, I cannot question "his" effects on my nascent mind. Growing up, I watched horror films, and obsessed over the obscene—cartoonish violence depicted on VHS
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My Two Cents: An Interview with State of Mercury

What follows is my interview with State of Mercury, a YouTuber who reinvents Metallica songs. Check out his channel,  here . I often analyze Mercury's work (which is superb),  and you can read about that in my Two Cents compendium  (which also has all of my interviews about metal remixers).  Check out  a similar interview with Ahdy Khairat , and another interview with Bryce Barilla . If you like our work (mine, State of Mercury's et al), you can find us on  State of Mercury's Discord server ! Nick: Hi, I'm Nick van der Waard, aka "the two cents guy" on YouTube . On YouTube, I write comments on heavy metal remixes/remasters. This interview is for my blog, where I write about metal, but also horror, videogames, and sex in media. State of Mercury, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Mercury: So my name is Calvin Cox. I'm a guitar player from Canada. Right now, I guess I'm mostly known for my " Metallica What if... " series on YouTube.