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The Promethean Quest and James Cameron's Military Optimism in Metroid

This longread analyzes the role of the Promethean Quest and military optimism in the Metroid franchise. This includes Metroid Dread , which Nintendo just announced. Apart from an  introduction and conclusion, there are three main sections: Metroid Dread: Thoughts and Impressions Gothic Analysis, part 1: The Promethean Quest Gothic Analysis, part 2: Military Optimism Update, 7/13/2021:  I've been constantly revising and expanding on the Military Optimism section. As a result, it's considerably more lengthy than the other two sections. I may release it separately at a future date, but have held off doing so for now due to formatting issues. (artist:  Nick van der Waard ) Introduction Metroid is the Promethean Quest told through military conquest, specifically those of one-woman-army Samus Aran. Her victories are hard-fought, but triumphant. Channeling the military optimism of James Cameron’s Aliens (1986), any sinister omens that come to light are subsequently blown up and for
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