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Sex-Positivity versus Sex-Coercion: Selling Sex, Iconoclasm, and TERFs

This Marxist-feminist book chapter* (which I am editing on a daily basis) examines differences between sex-positivity and sex-compulsion in sexualized media, especially sex work. Specifically, it examines how corporations and TERFs use canonical imagery to create sexist arguments, exploiting sex workers while condemning sex-positive artists who seek to liberate sex workers through their own iconoclastic output. The reasons for writing it are largely personal—for me, as a Marxist trans woman and Gothicist, to think about these social-sexual themes relative to my sex-positive output, humanist education and lived trauma.  *Currently intended as a chapter within my upcoming book,  Neoliberal and Fascist Propaganda in Yesterday’s Heroes , which  touches on notions of body representation in popular American media.   If you're curious, the first chapter can be viewed, here . Artistic Nudity Warning: This chapter thoroughly discusses sexuality in art, including visual examples from popular