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Sex-Positivity versus Sex-Coercion: Selling Sex, Iconoclasm, and TERFs

This Marxist-feminist longread examines differences between sex-positivity and sex-compulsion in sexualized media. Specifically, it examines how corporations and TERFs use canonical imagery to create sexist arguments, while simultaneously condemning sex-positive artists and their own iconoclastic output. Note: Currently intended as a chapter within, this longread (which I am editing on a daily basis) touches on notions of body representation that I analyze in my upcoming book,  Neoliberalism in Yesterday’s Heroes .  If you're curious, the first chapter can be viewed, here . Trigger Warning: This post discusses transphobia, homophobia, racism, hate crimes, misogyny and fascism. (artist:  Aurora Prieto ) Introduction: Glossary and Summary Humans are complicated. Our bodies have ambiguously gendered and sexual components that can be expressed in a variety of self-potentiating ways, including art. Alas, sexual expression under Capitalism has long been colonized, transformed  by the sta