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Big Book Update: Writing is Mostly Finished; Focusing on Illustrations! Changelog History

Hi, everyone! I wanted to give an update about the book, as it's been awhile since I've posted on here and a lot has happened since my last blogpost. This post contains my ongoing changelog for the project, which I have been updating from time to time as completion nears.  The entire changelog is include at the bottom of the post; every time I update the changelog, the update in italics (below) will be replaced and the old update will be moved to the top of the changelog. Update, 9/20/2023:  I also updated my website  to include a one-page promo for the book , and it contains all relevant information/download links: the companion glossary and full table of contents, but also my thesis volume when it releases on the 25th. That's correct; t he thesis statement has become its own thesis volume, which debuts on my website (through the hyperlink above), September 25th. It will contain my expanded author's foreword, and provide my book's thesis statement on Gothic (gay-an