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Mazes and Labyrinths: Speedrunning Metroidvania - ShinyZeni

This interview is with ShinyZeni, a  Metroid  speedrunner. He primarily plays  Super Metroid  and has held a WR for the 100% category in the past (which you can view  by clicking here ).  "Mazes and Labyrinths" interviews speedrunners and Twitch streamers about disempowerment in Metroidvania and survival horror games. The series follows a pretty set of research goals that specifically examine how mazes and labyrinths, along with their historically "heavy" content, disempower players. To read more about these research goals, and more about Metroidvania and survival horror in general, please refer to the series abstract . To read other interviews in the series, refer to my interview compendium . source: Games Done Quick Introduction Nick:  I'm a Gothic ludologist who writes about horror in videogames. My specialty is Metroidvania, but I also research FPS (first-person shooters) and survival horror. Zeni, can you tell us a little about yourself? How long have you b

My Body of Work

My main body of work is vast; this compendium seeks not only to list my favorite pieces for people to read, but to organize them into different categories and provide summaries for each. I've divided this compendium into five sections:  About Me: This section includes posts I've written specifically about myself, or my areas of interest (casual or academic) and why I study them.  Interview Series: This section details the numerous and lengthy interview series I've conducted over the years. Gothic Analyses: This section compiles the posts I've written that pointedly analyze Gothic themes in media. Reviews: This section lists some of my favorite reviews—those which I think are my best-written, or cover my favorite pieces of media. Guest Work: Work I've done for other websites. About Me My name is Nick van der Waard and I'm a Gothic ludologist. This means I study videogames in a Gothic sense, which is to say according to horror themes in the academic disciplin