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The Promethean Quest and James Cameron's Military Optimism in Metroid

This longread analyzes the role of the Promethean Quest and military optimism in the Metroid franchise. This includes Metroid Dread , which Nintendo just announced. Apart from an  introduction and conclusion, there are three main sections: Metroid Dread: Thoughts and Impressions Gothic Analysis, part 1: The Promethean Quest Gothic Analysis, part 2: Military Optimism Update, 8/4/2023:  "Military Optimism in Metroid " was written for a now-discontinued book about heroes in popular media,  Neoliberal and Fascist Propaganda in Yesterday's Heroes . Their combined aim—to  explore notions of "heroic" body representation in popular American media—was more cis-gendered. Since coming out as trans , my critical voice has expanded to include trans, intersex and non-binary voices through a genderqueer lens; its "Gothic-Communist" evolution can be seen in my upcoming book, Sex Positivity versus Sex Coercion, or Gothic Communism , which debuts later this year. (arti