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Class Warfare - Classism, Fascism and Whitewashing in Cobra Kai, season 4

This longread examines Cobra Kai , season 4,  through a Marxist lens, with some queer-feminist elements included as well.  Note:  I'm a Marxist critic who examines heroism in American media—on US soil, but also abroad (as US global hegemony continues to be a reality).  For those who are curious, many of the arguments contained within stem from my broader research, including the anti-fascist book that I'm currently writing .   I've watched the entire series so far. Season 1 was originally made for YouTube Red and felt like a standalone show. Season 2 and 3 were also made under its tenure.  Season 4 is the first season made under the Netflix banner and feels rather different.  Personally I consider season 4 a much better outing than 3, if purely for a refusal to rely strictly on nostalgia and callbacks by giving everyone something to do. This helps me forget about its problematic elements. The  Karate Kid  was a lily-white story about boy-meets-girl, the lady and the tramp. C