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Raising Funds for My Partner's Healthcare!

Raising funds for my partner's healthcare! Bay Ryan has a degenerative disease of their teeth, and will need to pay for extractions out-of-pocket (not covered by their insurance), but also aftercare expenses. We're trying to raise $500-$1000 NZD (~$310-620USD)! The original Twitter post: Bay is disabled and gets partial aid through the state; they do sex work, but rely on donations to get by. You can support Bay on OnlyFans, but also through their Ko-Fi! His portfolio: OnlyFans: Ko-Fi: I realize that not everyone can donate and I wouldn't expect that. However, if anyone can share the above links to help get Bay the care they need, it would mean the world! *** Persephone van der Waard is the author of Sex Positivity —its art director, sole invigilator, and primary editor (the other co-writer/co-editor being Ba

Reaction and Breakdown: Alien Romulus (2024) Trailer!

Decided to do an Alien  Romulus reaction/breakdown; i.e., super  low-effort material I can put quickly on my old blog in the spirit of looking at Alien -rated content!  Here's the link to my video response  (excuse the uneven audio on my end; recording goof and I'm too lazy to rerecord, haha). Note: Normally I would do an extended respond with an image breakdown, but I'm currently in the middle of proofreading and releasing book samples during Pride month; i.e.,  for Volume Two, part two of my  Sex Positivity ( 2023) book project, featured in my second, very NSFW book sample series, " Searching for Secrets " (2024) . So this half-assed approach is all you're getting! Gorgeous-looking film! Not sure how much plot it will have apart from the usual Gothic thrills (the black genderqueer monster chasing the straight white lady around the Gothic-castle-style spaceship), but at least it's well put together!  Happy Pride, bitches! *** Persephone van der Waard is