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Giving My Two Cents: A Metal Compendium

Hi, I'm the "two cents" guy. I listen to metal songs on YouTube, though mainly remasters/remixes; my blog is about metal, but also sex, videogames and horror . This is a compilation—of interviews I've given with Metallica remixers, including Bryce Barilla, State of Mercury and Ahdy Khairat. It also includes comments I've given on their YouTube videos, and provides links to music reviews/write-ups I've done in the past.  Note: All of us can be found on State of Mercury's Discord server . Stop by and say hello! Interviews My interviews focus on the history of these musicians, and the approach to making their content. Creblestar: A YouTuber and speedrunner, Creblestar makes music content for his YT channel, including Metallica remixes. Although he came along slightly before I started writing about metal, his work inspired me to begin the journey. Read my interview with Creblestar, here . Bryce Barilla: Bryce's initial approach was more conservative. He r

Borrowed Robes: The Role of "Chosen" Clothing — Part 1: Female Videogame Characters

This two-part series examines the historical lack of choice regarding character appearance in videogames—namely clothes. Part one examines these issues as they pertain to women; part two, for queer people. My blog is about horror, but also metal, sex and videogames . This series is a feminist exploration of that trend. Note: When I write "clothes," I mean in the literal sense, but also the character's total onscreen appearance—their physique, dialogue, move set, etc. For women, such personas seldom represent actual female desires—either of the character, or any women who controls her. Instead, they represent how women are controlled by their male peers through the forced assignment of clothes that sexualize women in unfavorable* ways.  *For a good meta example of this kind of domination, refer to  Doki Doki Literature Club . This "dating sim" highlights the horror of female characters imprisoned in a highly controlling and sexist system—one they cannot escape, a