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Giving My Two Cents: A Metal Compendium

Hi, I'm the "two cents" guy. I listen to metal songs on YouTube, though mainly remasters/remixes. This is a compilation—of interviews I've given with Bryce Barilla, State of Mercury and Ahdy Khairat, but also videos of theirs on YouTube that I've commented on in the past, and other music reviews/write-ups I've done. 


My interviews focus on the history of these musicians, and the approach to making their content.

Bryce Barilla: Bryce's initial approach was more conservative. He remixed and re-recorded old Metallica songs, but didn't mess quite as much with the song structures themselves. Over time, though, his approach to the format has become increasingly experimental, rewriting the songs, but also—re: with his latest material—improving on the audio production by leaps and bounds. Read my interview with Bryce, here.

State of Mercury: Out of the three, Mercury's approach has been the most ambitious, songwriting-wise. His top-notch playing allows for a total reinvention of the riffs themselves. The sheer number of changes makes his material a challenge to analyze in terms of direct comparisons, but there's always lots to find and appreciate. Read my interview with State of Mercury, here.

Ahdy Khairat: Although I was intrigued by GuitarRazze and Creblestar, Ahdy is what got me into analyzing metal on a regular basis. A professional producer/sound engineer, his material is entirely remixes and remasters, but the quality of his approach is unparalleled. Read my interview with him, here.

You Tube Commentaries

These are the videos by each musician that I've given my two cents on. To read the comments themselves, click on a video and look for comments made by the user "Nicholas van der Waard" (all comments start with "My two cents:"). Not every comment is pinned/hearted by the content creators, so you may have to do a little searching.

Bryce Barilla 

"Metallica's Master of Puppets Album, But it's in the Major Key"

"What If To Live is to Die was on Ride the Lightning? | Metallica Album Crossovers"

"If Whiplash was on And Justice for All | Album crossovers(?)"

"What If Creeping Death was on ...And Justice for All? | Album Crossovers"

"What If Battery was on ...And Justice for All? | Album Crossovers":

State of Mercury

"What If Welcome Home (Sanitarium) was on ...And Justice For All?"

Ahdy Khairat

"Metallica - Harvester of Sorrow (Remastered + Bass)"

"Metallica - Disposable Heroes (Remixed and Remastered)"

"Metallica - The Unforgiven III (Remixed & Remastered)"

"Slayer - South of Heaven (Remixed and Remastered)"

Other Artists

I don't do this very often, but here are several tracks I've commented on, and reviews that I've written.

"Donner and Blitzen" by Rob Halford (read the full write-up, here):

"Judas Priest, Firepower (2018): Review, part 1": The generalized portion of my Firepower review.

"Judas Priest, Firepower (2018): Review, part 2": The track-by-track portion of my Firepower review.

Music Reviews/Write-ups

"Hearing the Gothic Past": In this guest write-up for Marilyn Roxie's blog, Video Hook-Ups, I cover Darkwave-style music. This includes Dance with the Dead and Carpenter Brut, and how monsters and nostalgia coalesce—within their music, but also the movies and other Gothic media that inspires them. 

Rate Your Music reviews: Though not terribly active on the site, I sometimes review albums I've listen to. Many of these are rock/ metal albums (Stained Class, 2112Endless Skies) but several are not.


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