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Starting a Second Promo Series: "Searching for Secrets" for Volume Two, part two

Starting a second sample series for Volume Two, part two, "Searching for Secrets"! Part one's sample series, "Brace for Impact," explored the usage of Gothic poetics (monsters, magic and myth) when making new proletarian histories; part two reverses the arrangement, examining the history of monstrous poetics in two basic modules that future workers can learn from.

(model and artist: Harmony Corrupted and Persephone van der Waard)

From the original 5/4/2024 post:

"Searching for Secrets*" is a second book sample series, originally inspired by the one I did with Harmony Corrupted: "Brace for Impact" (2024). That series was meant to promote and provide Volume Two, part one's individual pieces for easy public viewing (it has since become a full, published book module: the Poetry Module). "Searching for Secrets" shall do the same, but with Volume Two's assorted chapters and its twin modules, the Undead and Demons. As usual, this promo series is written, illustrated and invigilated by me as part of my larger Sex Positivity (2023) book series. This specific promo post includes part two's entire table of contents (and hyperlinks to each post when I finish proofreading them), followed by the usual book disclaimer.

*Inspired by one of my favorite Castlevania songs from Portrait of Ruin (2006). You gotta dance and play in the ruins to camp the counterfeit with its ghost, lovelies!

Note: "Searching for Secrets" is a work-in-progress and will be routinely updated as I publish new sample posts for Volume Two, part two. I anticipate the entire process to take at least two months ("seven vagánias, maybe more").

About my book: Made in collaboration with other sex workers, Sex Positivity is a four-volume book being released one volume at a time. From newest to oldest, as of 5/1/2024, my Poetry Module is live; as of 2/14/2024, the manifesto/instruction volume is live; as of 10/8/2023, the thesis volume is live. Simply go to my website's 1-page promo and pick up a copy of each for free! While you're there, you can also learn about the other yet-to-release volumes/modules, project history and logo design.

This book volume (both halves) could not have been done without Harmony, thus is dedicated to them:

To that, please support Harmony's work (and follow her on Mastodon).




Persephone van der Waard is the author of Sex Positivity—its art director, sole invigilator, and primary editor (the other co-writer/co-editor being Bay Ryan). She is a MtF trans woman, atheist/Satanist, poly/pan kinkster with two partners. Including her multiple playmates/friends and collaborators, Persephone and her thirteen muses work/play together on Sex Positivity and on her artwork at large as a sex-positive force. First and foremost, she is a sex work activist, fighting for sex worker liberation through iconoclastic/sex-positive artwork. To that, she is an anarcho-Communist writer, illustrator, BDSM educator, sex worker, genderqueer/environmental activist and Gothic ludologist—with her (independent) PhD having been written on Metroidvania combined with the above variables; i.e., to coin and articulate ludo-Gothic BDSM as a sex-positive poetic device. She sometimes writes reviews, Gothic analyses, and interviews for fun on her old blog; or does continual independent research on Metroidvania and speedrunning every now and again. If you’re interested in her work or curious about illustrated or written commissions, please refer to her commissions page for more information.

Click here to see a condensed example of Persephone's wide portfolio.