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My Partner's Mutual Aid

This post is dedicated towards helping my partner, Bay, find support/mutual aid by promoting his services (we eventually want to have him do sex work directly through my site, but for now I’m promoting his links and content on this page).

Note: This is essentially the same post as on my website, but I wanted to post it here on my blog, too.

Bay is disabled and does sex work to support himself. This means that he partially relies on the help of friends and donations through mutual aid requests in order to make ends meet. Currently he is on hiatus but you can support his work in a variety of ways:
  • directly on his OnlyFans (where he still produces a small amount of regular content)
  • sharing his work on Twitter/Bluesky
  • donating to his Ko-Fi
Donate; get a drawing! Large donations will also get a drawing from me. Donations of $45 USD to will get you a personalized sketch from me, $60 a colored sketch, $90 a rough pinup, and $110 a fully-rendered pin-up of your choice. These drawings are still subjected to my usual terms of service and hard limits; to learn what those are, refer to my commissions pages and TOS.

Commission me; support Bay! Conversely if you purchase a commission from me, some of the money will go towards Bay’s mutual aid and some of it will go my travel fund to see Bay in person. Either way, Bay will receive money from your contributions.

How to contact me: If you a) want to help Bay by purchasing a commission from me directly, or b) have donated to Bay at the time of publishing this page (12/1/2023), you can contact me on DA, Facebook, Twitter, Bluesky and Discord; my username is the same on all of them: vanderWaardart. You can also use my website’s contact form, which puts you in touch with my business e-mail. When messaging me, please provide proof of your donation; once I confirm, I will add you to a queue and we can talk shop.