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FPS: From Vintage to Retro, Q&A Compendium!

This series, "FPS: From Vintage to Retro," interviews FPS players and developers. In terms of vintage FPS, the series covers includes single-player "Doom clones" and Build titles; to multiplayer frag-fests like Doom deathmatch, Quake arenas, and Unreal Tournament(s); to "pure," arcade-style shooters, "looter shooters" and FPS-RPG hybrids. In terms of retro FPS, it examines DuskIon Fury and Prodeus, as well as Nightdive Studios' latter-day revival of classic FPS.

Note: When new interviews go live, this compendium will also be updated.


These are most of the official games this series will entail: classic Doom, Midway's Doom '95 or Doom 64; Chex Quest; Half-life or Half-life: Opposing Force; Quake or Unreal; Terminator 2: Judgement Day or Bethesda's Terminator Future Shock or Terminator Skynet; any of the three Build games Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D or Blood; AvP (2000) or Alien Trilogy; Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas; Turok 1 or 2; or Terminator Resistance

The series also examines Nightdive Studios and any of their source ports: Strife, System Shock 1 & 2, Blood, etc)?

It also looks into fan games like The Adventures of Square and Tech-Com 2029?


These interviews are with players who stream, speedrun, or otherwise play FPS.

JRMHD91: An expert on classic Doom ports, JR grew up with Doom, but also Chex Quest and other vintage FPS. Read his interview here.

Cynic the Original: [coming soon]

The Spud Hunter: [coming soon]


These interviews, if I can get them, will be with FPS developers.

I want to interview the makers of Tech-Com 2029, but am considering other choices as well. Perhaps JimmySquared from The Adventures of Square.

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