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Video: The Musical Affect of Halloween, Forty Years Ago and Now

Hi, everyone. In this video, I discuss music as it is used in Halloween (1978) and it's forty-year sequel to affect the audience in a Gothic sense:

What I mean by that is Gothic in the Radcliffean sense of terror, which is to hide the monster or force the audience to use their imagination, and horror is to show the monster, and take the audience's ability to imagine away from them. In the original Halloween, the music is largely used to affect the viewer by impressing on them a sensation of imminent danger. Much of the visuals are obscured by darkness and there is seldom if ever any actual action; Michael Myers is hidden. In the sequel, the music is used to accent events that unfold onscreen, which the audience watches action (not the promise of action). These are very different approaches in terms of music that is used relative to a dangerous presence inside a Gothic space. However, I contend that there is room for both musical attacks in the franchise; each is part of the la…

Video: Gothic Doubles in Halloween (2018)

Hi, everyone! Just to reiterate, in between art and academic projects, I also write and talk about themes of Gothic horror, in cinema and other media. From time to time I uploaded videos on Youtube, so if you wish to hear about Gothic stuff from me, following my channel, there, is the best way to do so.

On that note, here is my latest video, the use of Gothic doubles in David Gordon Green's Halloween (2018):

The original 1978 Halloween featured doubles; however, the 2018 installment "doubles" its palimpsest to instill the updated Haddonfield with a compounded sense of death. This affect is part of the space's overall history as something infused with legends, replicas, and symbolic relics. All of these factors, in turn, reach out of the past, by which to intimate would-be destroyers and authority figures, in the present.

Give it a watch and pass it along if you enjoyed it. Comments are always appreciated!

Initial impressions of the latest Halloween (2018)

Researching grad school (for my PhD) and starting up my art again, I have less focus than I have had previously in regards to written reviews for films; it's simply far easier for me to voice my concerns or sentiments in front of a camera, at this stage. In any case, here is a video of my thoughts on Halloween (2018) by David Gordon Green. This is a very solid horror movie from a director largely unaffiliated with horror, and I whole-heartedly recommend it:

I tried to keep it short (for me) and spoiler free, but in the near future I should have more time to examine the movie under a microscope. Stay tuned!